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Happy New Year!

Well, that was a nice year all over … at least project wise ;-)
Thanks VSEM-group for that … it’s been a privilege working with you!

We were successful in starting to publish our ideas, we were successful in motivating people to tag artworks – BTW we’re at 76800+ tags by now ( … so, thanks for your help and time donated to improve our data collection.
We just started to analyse associations between tags, we’ll report on that soon.

The 3D information landscape is taking shape … you can’t see it though publicly at the moment.

The ThIATRO game is taking shape … the first level is already out … won’t be long until some more levels are launched.

So, stay tuned, there is more to come next year!

For now, we wish you all a very happy, joyful, playful, interesting, simply great New Year 2011!

Experiment in Participatory Research

Yesterday we had a very nice evening session with #hermann and #paris0708, two of our very active taggers.
We discussed our initial analyses of the tags to show how helpful the time donated for tagging is for our research.
Based on that we discussed potential next steps of development such that the tagging-tool will gradually evolve into a exploration machine for artworks.
Thank you very much #hermann and #paris0708 for your time to discuss with us and for sharing your ideas regarding the potential evolution of our art platform.
Of course, thanks to all our enthusiastic taggers, your time and help is highly appreciated.

ThIATRO – Level 1 finished

Today I finished the first level of the Serious Game ThIATRO. It took me some time to arrange the scenes and the GUI elements and to get the scripts started but it works now. By now, please ignore that the dimensions of the paintings are totally wrong. This is a technical issue that I will deal with during the next days. The game contains the following scenes:

  • Main Menu: Still kept very simple. Allows the player to choose the level.
  • Intro: Gives a short introduction to the game and the task description of the first level. During the camera flight, the paintings for Level 1 are already loaded. This is a good way to reduce annoying waiting times.
  • Level 1: The first level deals with symbols in art history (5 paintings with peacocks have to be found). I more or less randomly chose the paintings from the Web Gallery of Art. Of course, the paintings could be chosen more wisely, but by now, I just wanted to give a demonstration on how the game could look like in a final version.
  • Results screen: After completing the level, the paintings (with artist, title and year of creation) are displayed again.

The next step will be to connect the game to the WGA’s database to create the paintings in the game automatically. In addition, I will improve the look of the menues and design further levels. We will keep you up to date! Please play the demo and report ideas/remarks/bugs to josef[AT]