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Paper Acceptance

The short-paper “Towards an Online Multiplayer Serious Game Providing a Joyful Experience in Learning Art History” has been accepted to VS-Games 2011 ( 3rd International Conference in Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications – Athens, Greece). It’s the first paper about ThiIATRO and describes an early version of the game and some essential design principles. The conference will be held from 4th to 6th May 2011. I am looking forward to get some feedback from international Serious Gamers!

ThIATRO Update

First of all, we now own the domain – you’ll find future releases of the game there. I added another level to the game that teaches the player to assign a painting to its related era of art. All in all we have 7 levels by now and I think, that should be enough. We were discussing about how to make use of the empty space between the museums and we decided to add different kinds of “Power-Ups” to the 3D world. So, every 20 to 40 seconds one of these power-ups is spawned somewhere randomly around the level and provides the user with additional information about the target paintings. Please try it out!

UPDATE March 18th
We translated the current version into German. You’ll find both versions on our new website
For those, who have never played 3D games before: No reason to be anxious, we added an alternative control scheme that let’s you navigate in a very easy way :-) .