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Improved explorARTorium goes Social Media

We have improved the explorARTorium and took it to the next level.
Share the artwork you are currently exploring with your friends on facebook, twitter and google+ and let them know what you think about it.
We cleaned out our colletion and decided that the explorARTorium from now will on focus on paintings. This way the context of artworks will become even clearer.
Search for artworks by tags, title, artistname, region or theme to present the artworks you are currently most interested in.
Also, we changed the layout of the explorARTorium, so that you all are more encouraged to tag the artworks.
We have a lot more to come with the explorARTorium, including new features and a new design.
Spread the word, explore art and share it with your friends at

Screenshot of the explorARTorium

Paper acceptance at ACE 2011

Last Friday we got the notification that our paper “Revisiting 3D Information Landscapes for the Display of Art Historical Web Content” was accepted for short presentation at the ACE ( Advances in Computer Entertainment ) 2011 conference in Lisbon / Portugal. The conference will take place from November 8th to 11th and we are looking forward to presenting and meeting a lot of interesting people.

Doron attended the EVA London 2011 Conference

From July 6th to 8th I attended the EVA ( Electronic Visualisation & the Arts – conference in London, UK. The conference took place at the beautiful premises of the Chartered Institute for IT, aka the British Computer Society ( ). The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable and I met very interesting people with quite different backgrounds spanning from Computational Architecture over Colour Science to Interactive Multimedia Theater performance. This is of course perfectly in line with the multidisciplinary nature of this conference focusing on “the development and application of electronic visualisation technologies, including art, music, dance, theatre and the sciences”. The variety of interesting presentations I attended did also reflect this approach. My talk about the Vsem 3D Art History Information Landscape happened to be the last presentation of the first day, and although even starting later than scheduled I was happy to see quite a few people in the audience. Feedback was good and there were lots of questions. A number of people were really interested in trying out a public version of the Information Landscape, therefore I’ll do my best to finish it ASAP !