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Martin and Max attended the EVA-Berlin Conference 2011

Last week Martin and Max went to Berlin to present the explorARTorium as well as an analysis of the collected tags at the EVA ((Electronic Visualisations and the Arts) Berlin Conference. The conference took place from November 9th to11th at the Kulturforum in Berlin. EVA Conferences are always a great place to meet people with knowledge in art history and computer science. The conferences main focus was set on linked open cultural heritage data as well as User Generated Content. Many other topics like Social Media, Google Art Project, Archives and Museum Design were presented.

Max presented the thoughts behind the explorARTorium, a web-platform that presents artworks in context rather than making use of textual representation. Another important aspect of the explorARTorium is its use of Social Tagging to provide further layers of representing art history. The presentation of Martin then put more focus on analysing the collected tags. Both talks were followed by interesting discussions on how our findings can be used in the museum domain.

We really got a lot of feedback, mostly very positive and come back with many more ideas for further research.

The paper “Vermittlung kunstgeschichtlicher Inhalte durch die Kontextualisierung von Kunstwerken” and “Analyse der Tags einer Kunst Folksonomie” can be found in our publication section.

Dieter attended Prometheus’ ten years birthday party ;-)

Last week Dieter enjoyed two extremely interesting days in Cologne attending the Prometheus 2011 Conference. In one sentence: Wow, that was an extraordinary conference … I’m full of new ideas :-)

The story told a bit longer:
This was my first attendance to a conference at the nucleus of art history and cultural informatics – a truly inspiring combination! It was great to see the width of topics discussed at the conference. Just to pick a couple of examples in no particular order: Linked Open Data, Augmented Reality, Interactive Storytelling, Exhibition Design, Effects of Google Art Project, Social Media, Art History in the Digital Age, etc., etc., etc. I hope that Prometheus will eventually put the videos of the talks online, so that you all can (at least in a second-hand fashion) get a sense of what was going on there. What you can’t get, obviously, is the inspiration from the discussions during the breaks, over lunch, and during the birthday party in the Archive of the City of Cologne. An interesting side story, the building housing the Archive of the City of Cologne collapsed in 2009 as a consequence of the works on a subway tunnel (see Wikipedia for a short description and a longer story in the German version).
Of course, I didn’t miss the opportunity to visit Cologne Cathedral … so, one less on my list of gothic cathedrals I heard about in a lecture at University of Vienna but never seen …

Huge thanks to the organisers for this exceptional conference … and to all the lovely participants for vivid discussions … hope to see you soon!
Cultural Informatics is a great topic :-)

Albertus Magnus and Unniversity of Cologne

Addendum 22.11.2011: The videos keep rolling online – check for yourself at ;-)