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Another Two Papers Accepted :-)

We just got the news that our two papers submitted to the IEEE Int’l Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies are both accepted :-)
One covering the explorARTorium, more precisely visitor interaction patterns (Learning About Art History by Exploratory Search, Contextual View and Social Tags); the other covering player performance in ARTournament (ARTournament: A Mobile Casual Game to Explore Art History).
So, Rome, we’re looking forward to presenting in July … and visiting Galleria Borghese :-)


In the explorARTorium you have the option to display tagclouds for the various context categories … have you noticed?
It’s quite interesting to compare tagclouds, just as two examples, here are the ones for two artists.

(1) Titian

(2) Caravaggio

Most Searched Keywords

Just a quick check of access statistics to our Web-site. Quite interesting, “venice ice” made it up to rank 5 in the category most searched keywords. The reason is of course our description attached to one of the recent entries in Object of the Week. So, sometimes even arctic temperatures leave traces :-)

Addendum 29/02/2012: In the meantime, “venice ice” up to 26 …
Addendum 11/03/2012: … “venice ice” up to 27 …
Addendum 26/04/2012: … bravo max ;-)

Addendum 17/09/2012: … just realised, max up to top 3 … congratulations! ;-)

Addendum 14/10/2013: … dieter up to position 4 … congratulations! ;-)