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EVA-Berlin 2012

We were accepted to present a paper at the EVA (Electronic Information and the Visual Arts) Conference in Berlin. After having presented papers in 2010 and 2011, this year will be the third time we attend the EVA-Berlin Conference – in a row!
This years paper will focus on the network representation of the social tags that were collected with the explorARTorium.

We are looking forward to attend the conference and discuss our findings.
… and maybe find time to visit some of the many museums that didn’t fit in our schedule the past two years.


We had two paper presentations at IEEE ICALT (Int’l Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies) in Rome, Italy, last week. In the first paper we discussed visitor observations regarding the explorARTorium (Learning about Art History by Exploratory Search, Contextual View and Social Tags). In essence, the visitors of the explorARTorium do not explore the paintings in random fashion. They rather absorb the idea of compare and contrast artworks, especially along the context categories of artist and topic.
In our second paper we discussed player analysis regarding ARTournament. The analysis of player performance during game play suggests that it’s possible to transfer knowledge about art history in the genre of mobile casual games (ARTournament: A Mobile Casual Game to Explore Art History).
The conference was held at the headquarters of CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche).

Apart from these topic issues we got the chance to experience Rome from various angles … including a strike of public transport workers :-)
As always … Rome is definitely a destination worth visiting!