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One week, two conferences!
We presented our paper “Analysing User Motivation in an Art Folksonomy” at the International Conference of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (IKNOW). The conference was held at the Messe/Congress in Graz, Austria.

The presentation focused on an analysis of the tags that were collected with the explorARTorium. We introduced a measure to identify tags that can be used for the classification of artworks and tags that mainly describe an artwork.

Besides our presentation we listened to interesting keynotes, presentations, enjoyed great lunches & dinners and got a cheer-up at the Open PhD Session.

Thanks for the interesting questions and the great feedback!
Really enjoyed the conference!


We had a paper presentation at the IEEE Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia in Milan, Italy. The conference was held at the Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano.

The topic of our presentation was the evaluation results of ThIATRO with a school class.
Apart from the presentation, we took the chance to explore Milan a bit … and see two more Caravaggios in their museum habitats :-)