Help us get tags for artworks

When you have some spare time, please consider surfing to

This is our platform for providing tags (keywords) for artworks. Those tags will later be integrated into our 3D environment.

You can freely choose a username, we won’t record any personal sensitive data. We will however save a cookie, so that you can easily reuse your username. Afterwords you will be shown an artwork. Please describe whatever comes to your mind when looking at the picture. Please insert one keyword per line, and hit “Tag!” or ENTER. You can add as many tags per picture as you like. The more tags, the better for us. Tags need not necessarily be restricted to English. You can even rate the picture on a 5-star rating scheme. Afterwards just press “Next Picture!” and tag as many artworks as you like. If absolutely nothing comes to your mind, simply hit “Next Picture!”. See the attachment below.

Feel free to forward the link to your friends, family and colleagues.

Thanks for your help, the time you spend is highly appreciated.
If you have any questions or remarks regarding the platform, drop an email to

Thanks again,

Dieter, Doron, Josef, Martin & Max

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