ThIATRO – The Next Levels!


Finally some news about the Art History Serious Game ThIATRO. The current version enables you to play 3 levels that (hopefully) teach you art-historical facts about:

  • Symbolism
  • Genres & Themes
  • Composition & Perspective

For this version I did some minor revision of the graphical user interface in response to the first test runs. The HUD is disabled by default now to get a free view of the paintings. It can be displayed at every time by holding the TAB button. Another feature I integrated is the possibility to show the painting as undistorted 2D texture by pressing the [q]-button. This lets the player analyze the painting in a much more accurate way. The current version also includes sound effects, some new decorative elements, new menus and level descriptions. Please play the new version of ThIATRO and provide me with feedback :-)

Click here to play ThIATRO

(Unity WebPlayer required)

  • Tom

    January 19th, 2011

    Hello guys!

    Really great work and a lot of fun! Looking forward to see and test the upcoming versions :-)

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