ThIATRO v. 1.0 – finally!

Version 1.0 of the Art History Serious Game ThIATRO is online now. I call it version 1.0 because it is now possible to play through all the 6 levels. We did some major changes concerning the art historical content: first of all, we defined a static set of 40 paintings that stays the same in every level. These paintings (from Middle Age to Baroque) cover the learning content for the six levels. Now there are more than exactly 5 target paingings in every level, giving the player more space to make his/her choices. This static set of paintings has the nice side-effect of much shorter loading times because it only has to be loaded once. We are now covering the following topics in ThIATRO: Genres in Art (1), Iconography (2), Famous Topics in Art (3), Perspective (4), Shading (5), Caravaggio (6). Here is a short change history:

  • Loading screen to keep the player busy while waiting :-)
  • Content related revision of the existing levels and adding of 3 new ones.
  • No Task scenes with long introductory texts anymore, instead we integrated short updating tasks during the course of the game.
  • Integration of MiniMap (pressing ‘M’ key)
  • Displaying painting information (pressing ‘I’ key)
  • Revision of GUI and menus

So, please play ThIATRO and provide me with useful feedback! We will now think about evaluating the game… I am really looking forward to some significant results!

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