Evaluation and paper acceptance

Two good news today! First of all, the full-paper “Designing Socio-Cultural Learning Games: Challenges and Lessons Learned” has been accepted for the International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2011) in London, UK. The conference will be held from June 27-29, 2011.

Secondly: On Friday, April 15th, we successfully conducted the evaluation of ThIATRO at the “Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg” in Upper-Austria. I had the overall impression that the pupils were interested in our work (or at least interested in some new faces at school). We started with some introductory words about Computer Science in general, followed by a short description of our project. Then the 18 pupils did a first set of painting-descriptions and a questionnaire. Afterwards, one half of the class changed to the computer room (supervised by Max and Doron) to play ThIATRO. Fortunately there have been no technical problems and the pupils got familiar with the game much quicker than many adults :-) . The other half took place in the school’s library to discuss paintings togehter with me and to get through the whole learning content orally. The discussion was much more vivid than I thought and the pupils were quite engaged. After the learning sessions, both groups filled out the second set of painting-descriptions and a final questionnaire. Within the next days I’ll analyze the data to get an insight in the learning success of both teaching approaches.

'Experimental Group' playing ThIATRO

Teaching the 'Control Group'

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