Josef attended i-Society and ED-MEDIA

Last week I attended two conferences: At the International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2011, London) I presented the full paper “Designing Socio-Cultural Learning Games – Challenges and Lessons Learned” (.pdf), and at the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications (ED-MEDIA 2011, Lisbon) I arranged a demo session for the Serious Game ThIATRO. The presentation at i-Society Conference went very well and about 15 people attended the talk. Two questions were asked by the audience that concerned the evaluation of ICURA and how we measured the motivation of the test persons. All in all the conference seemed to be very comfortable with only two sessions concurrently and even the lunch was delicious. Unfortunately I was not able to attend all three days of the conference since I had to catch my flight to Lisbon on Monday evening. ED-MEDIA was definitely the biggest conference I have ever been to with a total of twelve sessions concurrently! The sessions I visited were weakly attended with no questions asked afterwards and many presenters didn’t even show up. But some of the talks were very interesting and I noticed a strong trend towards the usage games for education. On Wednesday evening I had my poster/demo session togehter with 81 other participants. Against my expectations, the session was very well attended and the venue was totally crowded. About 15 people played ThIATRO on my laptop and provided me with tons of feedback. Some people asked, why we aren’t using Second Life and I tried to convince them of the advantages of Unity Game Engine :-) Others emphasized the importance to integrate some kind of web interface to allow for dynamic content creation within the game. Altogehter I think the poster/demo session was much more efficient than a weakly attended paper presentation. To summarize my “travel report”: I visited two interesting, but very different conferences and had a great time in London and Lisbon :-)

PS: Publications & Presentations section updated!

i-Society Presentation

ED-MEDIA Poster/Demo Session

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