Announcing ARTournament

Do you have an Android mobile device? Are you ready to play a game identifying artworks? For his Master’s Thesis, Johnny was digging into development for mobile devices. To start with, the very first public version of ARTournament is ready for the Android platform (iOS might follow later, sorry!)

At the moment, the gameplay is quite simple: 4 paintings are shown to you. Your task now is to find and select the ONE that fulfills the requirement of the game level. Once you have finished the goal of a particular level, further levels of increasing difficulty get available for you. And if you don’t want to move to more difficult levels, you can stay with the ones you like… there are enough paintings in our collection to keep you entertained. All you need to start is to download the apk from, install it on your Android device, start the game, select a username, dive into Level 1 and crack the global highscore list! As always, your feedback is highly appreciated. Please drop an email to Thanks for your help in improving the game!

Before you start, some words of advice are necessary:

(1) The images for each level are downloaded from the Internet. So make sure you have data volume included in your mobile phone contract, or rather play ARTournament when being connected via WiFi; (2) Currently, the instructions are available only in German, an English version will follow, but for the time being it’s only German; (3) Known issues: at the moment no feedback to explain wrong choices is included; level 2 might seem a bit hard, but it can be solved!

Have fun!

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