Doron attended the ACE 2011 Conference in Lisbon / Portugal

At the same day when Max and Martin presented their work in Berlin, Doron had a talk about the VSEM Information Landscape at the 8th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology in Lisbon / Portugal.

This was a rather large event with 64 paper presentations that were organized in 16 sessions dedicated to a variety of topics like Tangible and Tabletop Interfaces, Serious Games, Mobile Entertainment, Sound and Music, Interactive Storytelling and many more. Our work was presented in the New Media and Art session.
The paper presentations were accompanied by Late Breaking Results presentations, a Creative Showcase and a Game Competition. Given this extensive program, one can imagine the rich variety of works that were presented or shown at the conference. Indeed, there were many very interesting presentations giving an in-depth overview about the current state of the art of entertainment computing.
The conference took place at the main building of the UNL – Universidad Nueva de Lisboa, a modern building with two large auditoriums that can hold about 200-300 people. While they were packed at the first day of the conference, the last day offered a slightly different picture. The New Media and Art session happend to be the first session of the last conference day. Given the fact that the conference dinner had taken place the night before and that a number of people already had left Lisbon after their presentations, there were only about 30 people attending the presentation. In an auditorium designed for 300 people, this looks a bit thin. This was the only small disappointment encountered, as I had expected a somewhat larger audience. Nevertheless, my presentation went well and I was asked a number of interesting questions and got good feedback for my further endeavours.

The paper Revisiting 3D Information Landscapes for the Display of Art Historical Web Content can be found in the publications section.

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