Another interesting finding from player behaviour in ARTournament

The first evaluation of player behaviour in ARTournament is done (at least “done” as far as Johnny’s Master’s Thesis is involved ;-)
We always hoped, that by playing, the player would also gain some knowledge about art history … and so it may seem! In the chart below we have plotted the percentage of correct answers per player (as indicated with the player’s self-chosen nickname) over five equally long partitions of the number of rounds each player played ARTournament on level 5 “Expert Caravaggio”. The baseline is that in every round the player is shown four paintings, one of them being the correct answer … that means, 25% would be the result for continuous guessing. So, we might conclude, that the players got better, the longer they played ARTournament … that’s great! Don’t mind the occasional drop in the final fifth of the rounds, each of these players have reached the goal of the level long before and still continued to play … so, perhaps they’ve just lost a little concentration … remember, it’s still a game, a casual game to be exact :-)
And, of course, huge congratulations to “Frosch” … you seem to be the true Caravaggio expert (no wonder that you are the only one amongst us, who got this also officially certified ;-)

So, keep on playing, the time is definitely not wasted … and we have added a couple of new levels already!

By the way, the final version of Johnny’s Master’s Thesis on design, implementation, and evaluation of ARTournament is available in our publications section …

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