Happy New Year 2012

Only a couple of hours left in 2011, perfect timing for a quick recap of what was going on … project-wise, of course. It’s been an almost insanely productive year. We managed to get eight papers published. We presented at core conferences for museum informatics, entertainment computing, and game development … and received very important and encouraging feedback on all three facets of the project. Especially during November we had a crazy presentation schedule. Thanks to all of you who attended these presentations, your feedback is highly appreciated … and we already incorporated some of your ideas.

Huge thanks to all (some more, some less anonymous) followers of our work, it’s an enormous source of motivation for us to see you interacting with ThIATRO, explorARTorium, and ARTournament. The Information Landscape also went out to meet its first visitors, their feedback helped a lot to gain an understanding regarding the difficulties navigating Art History along 3 dimensions. We are currently working on reports of and lessons learned from your interaction patterns. So, stay tuned, there’s still some work to come ;-)

Thanks, VŠEM group for your enthusiasm … it was a privilege working with you … looking forward to your PhD Theses ;-)

And now, go out and enjoy the fireworks wherever you are … and if you haven’t decided on a perfect spot to watch amazing fireworks … consider this!


All the best for 2012, have fun!

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