The Mystery of Judith by Valentin de Boulogne

Of course, we are monitoring access statistics to our site, especially to gain some deeper understanding regarding the interaction patterns of visitors to the explorARTorium. We are analysing access patterns along various avenues, one of them being Google Analytics.

We have had the painting of Judith by Valentin de Boulogne as Object of the Week on 26 November 2011. Since 18 February 2012 we constantly observe comparatively high access numbers to this painting seemingly coming through the Object of the Week. The explanation regarding the word “seemingly”, however, would be too wordy ;-)
In any way, the huge majority of these accesses come from the United States of America, 106 until today to be exact, compared to four from Austria, and one from Australia. Drilling deeper into the access statistics, the US accesses are all from California, and all from the area of Fullerton.

Well, that’s somehow a mystery to us :-)
So, please, if you have any hints regarding the question “What makes Fullton people being lovers of Valentin de Boulogne’s Judith” … drop us an email and let us know!

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