Starting a weekly blog

As of today we are going to bring you weekly updates on the project status and give you a summary of the work that has been conducted in the last week. In order to get you up to date on the current project status, this post summarizes the main areas on which we have been working lately and are working at the moment.

Max started out with the VSEM project since is was established in April 2009. Now that more than a year has passed, and we have gathered and linked a lot of cultural heritage data we are working on our first real prototype that puts all the data into a interesting visual context. He has tried to find different approaches for the visualisation of the data in a 3D virtual multiuser environment and is now writing them down. As soon as he has it all written down, we will publish diffent approaches here on this fabulous website and maybe have you voting on it…

Doron has been working with the VSEM project from its beginning in April 2009. After getting a general overview on the field of cultural heritage related IT applications, he started to think about which data sources might provide valuable background information for the visualization and communication of cultural heritage / fine arts related content. Up to now, these data sources include the Getty Vocabularies and the Iconclass Thesaurus for describing relations between artists and/or artworks. He was also working on setting up a basic prototype using the Unity3D game engine in order to prove its capabilities to provide a multi-user 3D environment with dynamic db connectivity that can be run from within a web-browser. Right now, he is trying to get familiar with “semantic web” based data representation technologies in order to continue the integration of different data-sources into a larger knowledge-base. In parallel, he will think about different visualization strategies and how they might be applied to the the accumulated knowledge.

Josef joined the VSEM project 3 weeks ago. Before he was a part of the FWF project Itchy Feet – A 3D e-Tourism Environment. Within the scope of this project, Josef designed the 3D World for Itchy Feet and developed the Serious Game “ICURA” that provides an opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture and etiquette. He also evaluated the game through a user study with 20 participants. Within the VSEM project, Josef started to thinks about how to make use of the experiences gained while working on ICURA. Currently he is planning a Serious Gaming application in the field of cultural heritage and art history. As soon as the first draft is finished, we will present it here on this outstanding website.

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