Access Statistics 2012

Well, that’s really interesting … you can compare the access statistics of 2012 … that’s more or less the time when the project ended …

Access statistics of

Access statistics of

In a nutstell: If you don’t talk about it, people won’t access it …

Access Statistics 2013

Funny, I completely forgot to do this earlier – have a look at our access statistics in 2013 – here they are :-)

Let’s start with accesses to

Here are the accesses to

Final Curtain

Funny, that’s one of the posts we lost while migrating to our new server … :-)

At least I was able to locate the graphics in my email inbox – so, here it is again, just the picture, the words of description around it are gone forever …

Look …

… we are running now from a shiny little (almost) brand new server … and lost only a tiny number of previous postings while migrating … woohoo :-)