Probably not quite the best moment …

… to get captured … i.e., just minutes before the PhD defense starts … but that’s how it is ;-)

Congratulations, Josef, PhD defense successfully completed!

PhD Thesis Submitted

Actually it was already last week that Josef submitted his PhD thesis Serious Heritage Games: Playful Approaches to Address Cultural Heritage. So, that’s the first thesis coming out from the project … congratulations, Josef!
If you are interested, it’s already listed and linked from the publications section.

BTW: rumour has it that Josef’s hair are shorter again by now :-)

IKNOW 2012

Our paper “Analysing User Motivation in an Art Folksonomy” was accepted as a full paper for the IKNOW 2012 conference.

The paper analyses the tags that were collected with the explorARTorium. Therefore, having additional tags will improve our further research. Got the hint? ;-)

Thanks to the anonymous reviewers for their comments.
See you in Graz!

A Sad Day for Cultural Heritage

On Sunday, May 20th, the Italian region Emilia Romana was shaken by an earthquake that reached 5.9 on the Richter scale. Seven people lost their lives because of collapsing buildings. The shocks also caused the destruction of a number of irreplaceable cultural heritage buildings and artefacts. This sad event should remind us of the transience of all man made things, and the need for their preservation and documentation in order to keep our rich heritage for upcoming generations.